This is such a great Family Home Evening lesson and activity on RESPECT!

Family Night ~ Teach Them Some Respect! - Or so she says...

Steps to Prepare for Baptism

Steps to prepare for baptism

LDS activities and games for kids! Games include Book of Mormon Bingo, 15 different Mazes, Lacing Card files and Memory/Old Maid. Plenty of activities to keep kids busy on Sundays learning characters and items from the Book of Mormon.


Fun Family Traditions for each month

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10 Commandment Numbers - this website has TONS of great bible lesson ideas for the kiddos. This is a gold mine for activities, songs and crafts. I will be using this site often!!

Hands On Bible Teacher: 10 Commandments

Nativity HedBanz Game - and focusing on the nativity activity ideas!

Creative ways to teach kids the true meaning of Christmas

Want to teach your family more about Christ this Christmas season? These scriptures can be used as an advent calendar to help you remember all that God has given us.

25 Gifts Christ Gives to Us

Family Home Evening: Choosing the right board game.

Pinning with Purpose: Agency FHE Lesson

Mormon Origami-- mt timp temple

3 Mormon Origami Projects for Your Next Church Activity

Fhe idea

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Katie Crews

Mom to 3: Family Home Evening Halloween Obedience

Mom to 3: Family Home Evening Halloween Obedience

Scripture Study Sam - Using scriptures to answer life's problems for kids.

Sharing Time: The Words of Christ - Friend Mar. 1996 - friend

moroni lds kids activities | ... 26 - Captain Moroni and the Title of Liberty | Teaching LDS Children

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75 pages of Scripture Mastery quizzes, tests and activities. The tests and discussion questions are awesome!

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100 Ideas for Making the Sabbath a Delight for Your Family

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File Folder Game ideas for Sundays.

Little Family Fun: File Folder Games: Sundays

Cheap downloadable LDS File Folder Games

File Folder Downloads

Website with GREAT free printables and lesson ideas for FHE, primary, file folder games, "church" games, etc.

games and activities | Mormon Mommy Printables

Games and other activities for Family Night: Primary 3 B Lesson 33 "The Sacrament Reminds us of Our Covenant" And Primary 2 A Lesson 38 "I Will Remember Jesus Christ During Sacrament"

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FHE Gratitude Journals

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Feb. The Plan of Salvation. Why do we have adversity? Turn Trials into Triumphs game

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Child's Prayer book-- I thought this was such a cute idea to help kids say what THEY want instead of us telling them what to say

Children’s Prayer Book - The Red Headed Hostess

FHE Lessons listed by category, music, etc...I think "Gratitude" is a category we'll need to do soon!

Gratitude | Teaching LDS Children

This LDS Mom: Scripture Heroes

This LDS Mom: Scripture Heroes

12 tribes of Israel game

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