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Educationnn (:

Educationnn (:

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The ‪#‎Elementary‬ Edition of our popular Should I or Shouldn’t I? What Would Others Think?™ game encourages players ages 8-11 to think about their own behavior choices and then compare how their perceptions match (or don’t) those of the other players, within a safe & consequences-free environment

Should I or Shouldn't I? What Would Others Think™? (Elementary School Edition)

All kids make bad choices every once in awhile and should be held accountable and have logical consequences. To help them process their mistake an...

Oops ... I Made a Bad Choice

At the start of class, everyone’s clothespin is on green. Encourage students to move towards purple (super student!). Reaching the top can be a reward in and of itself, or offer a small reward such as a sticker for their clothespin if they reach the top.Yellow is a warning, and red is a consequence. I like this instead of the typical traffic light because also reinforces positive behavior - they get to move up!!!

MJLC: New Classroom Management Chart

Jamestown Elementary Art Blog

Jamestown Elementary Art Blog

I have used this in my classroom as a way to positively motivate my students. The Warm Fuzzy Cards work great to highlight students' good choices and therefore encourage more good behavior. These cards are a great supplement for your already working classroom management plan; and they can be used all year long. (Please note that this is not a full management plan with rewards and consequences.) Grades 3-5. $

Encouragement Cards for Classroom Management (Grades 3-5)

Use this for students who finish quickly and miss a lot of problems

Notable Music Studio: Solidifying Tempos

Creating rules or creating values, the difference in a restorative classroom.

Class Dojo is a great classroom management website and app. Use these free posters to focus your students on a particular goal for the day or week. The goal can be for the class as a whole or for individual students.

Class Dojo Goals Posters

Behavior Chart - another thing I could apply at home. I have always said I need to run this place more like a school!

Mrs. Hansen's Art Room

Shouting and blurting out tickets, and other simple behavior management ideas

Teaching is a work of HEART!!!: Behavior Management

Second Grade is the Bee's Knees: Classroom Management class dojo

Second Grade is the Bee's Knees: Classroom Management

Behavior chart idea A Cupcake for the Teacher: Classroom Reveal! {A LOT of Pictures!}

A Cupcake for the Teacher: Classroom Reveal! {A LOT of Pictures!}

A great way to have a behavior management plan in the classroom that every student can see and refer to.

Kickback! Love earn 16 minutes to kickback on Fridays...student lose 2 minutes/letter crossed out!

Classroom Management | Fun in Fifth Grade at JCS

One of the best ways to teach our children to accept responsibility for their mistakes and behavior is to use logical consequences, instead of punishment. They teach the hows and whys of good decisions, rather than making them sorry for making a bad choice (take a few minutes of time to regain control, and then apologize & repair the problem). You could also have them write or talk about some strategies to avoid it happening again. It must be related, reasonable and delivered respectfully.

We Are Teachers

Blurt Chart: students have three happy faces next to their name and each time they blurt out they take off one of the happy faces. used with a different reward system this could be a good class management strategy. By the way, this is working great with my second graders!

A 2nd Grade Adventure: Couple of Ideas to Share

A Cupcake for the Teacher: My New Behavior Reward System

A Cupcake for the Teacher: My New Behavior Reward System

I did this, this year and my kids got it quicker then they ever had! Teaching 3-digit multiplication using colors.

First Day of School activity

Just in case I need this....:)

Leave it on a day that you dont tell your students you will be absent. Students would love this!!