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Horse show checklist.

Stressed before show day? The horse show checklist will help! -

Next to non-chafing undergarments, it’s the most important wardrobe decision you’ll make for the show ring. Heather Struthers, of Performance Horse & Rider tack shop, schools us all in color coordinating your horse and hunt coat. So we can come color correct (even when everything else falls apart.) Heather Struthers owns and operates Ottawa’s hippest tack shop: Performance Horse & Rider. She's…

The Definitive Guide to Color Coordinating With Your Horse

These horses got the coolest haircuts ever.

Very Lucky Animals Get The COOLEST Haircuts

It's that time of year season! Try this super quick DIY option - Savvy Horsewoman

Easy Homemade Fly Spray | Savvy Horsewoman

a speaker for your saddle!

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The Best Abdominal Exercises for Horse Riders | LIVESTRONG.COM

Sitting On A Horse In Balance - Horse Collaborative. Brilliant article about the seat and aids

Sitting On A Horse In Balance - Horse Collaborative

I love seeing the world from this perspective!

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Horses quotes

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Always thank your horse, or just give her a massive hug...that works too!

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I don't show horses or even have horses, but I have a lot of respect for people who do and are good at it.

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Classic Equine Teal Southwest DynoTurn Bell boots! Mine aren't this pretty anymore but I still love them! :)

Classic Equine No Turn DL Bell Boot

How to make a rope halter

How to Make Rope Halter

Classic Equine® No Turn DL™ Bell Boots with turquoise diamond patterns

Classic Equine® No Turn DL™ Bell Boots

Crawford Custom Leather Six Shooter Headstall and Tripping Collar

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BodyShaming in the show ring - its time to change the conversation -

Body Shaming The Show Ring

Riding horses

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Pretty foal in turquoise halter

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Five Exercises to Improve Your Riding Seat and Leg Position

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This question. All day.

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This is so true. There's so much more then just dirt on your boots and a hat

Country Outfitter - Cowboy Boots & Cowgirl Boots

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11 Horses That Are Not Sorry for What They've Done

This counter-canter exercise will help you to exercise your horse while working the horse’s neck, shoulders, rib cage and hips at the same time. It is also good for teaching a horse balance and collection. Journal illustration.

Cornering Your Horse-Training Skills