At some point you must let go of what you wished would happen, and embrace what is happening . . . GOD knows the path of suffering you are walking, and when you have survived your trial of Faith, you'll emerge pure--as pure Gold! You have HIS Word on it!

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Yasss. It freaks me out that sometimes I haven't thought of something in so long I forgot it even happened. I'm so glad we receive the privilege to grow and change. If I had to be the person I used to be, I wouldn't have come even close to where I am now.

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a diamond is a chuck of coal that did well under pressure - Digital Art File - PDF or JPEG. $5.00, via Etsy.

I Have Found The One Whom My Soul Loves Song of Solomon 3:4 Bible Verse with Heart Barn Wood Sign on Etsy, $60.52 CAD

when it feels scary to jump, that's exactly when you jump. Otherwise you end up staying in the same place your whole life. And that I can't do.

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