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Ben Moore fav colors; WOW!

The purest and most thoughtful minds are those which love color the most. -John Ruskin

Benjamin Moore Color..."ice cube silver." A silvery-greeny gray that's delicate and soft. The silver undertones make it a little dressy and more mercurial.

Benjamin Moore Color..."oxford white." A classic white that is strong and clean, taking a fresh turn on the modern side. I love this kitchen. WoW.

Benjamin Moore Color..."gray cashmere." A complex gray/green/blue that is a beautiful neutral. Calming and can truly look like any of the above colors, depending on the light.

  • Barbara Garrett

    I doubled the formula for my very bright bathroom, it's perfect!

  • Kathy Myers

    Nice job Barbara:)

  • Tara Jacqueline

    What is the best trim colour with gray cashmere?

  • Kathy Myers

    Tara...several options; it will depend on your ceiling color too. BM White Diamond has a slight blue undertone witch would work well; BM Chantilly Lace is a crisp, clean & bright white that would do well too. BM Decorator's White is a bright, clean true white. Happy painting.

  • Tara Jacqueline

    Thanks Kathy, I went with BM tea light instead with cloud white trim. It is for a gender neutral nursery so fingers crossed that it's calming!

Benjamin Moore Color..."saddle soap." A rich, dark brown that is pleasing to the soul. Inviting. Warm. Cozy.

Benjamin Moore Color..."tranquility." And tranquil it is. A blue-gray color that won't disappoint. Beautiful.

Benjamin Moore Color…"tuscan winds." A never-fail neutral that's light and low-key with a slight reddish undertone that gives it added versatility and warmth.

Benjamin Moore Color…"stonybrook." Definitely a great color for a lake house or mountain get away. Reminds me of nature's colors.

The 2014 Benjamin Moore Color of the Year…"breath of fresh air." Comfort & simplicity. Think of the ocean. Just breathe.

Benjamin Moore Color…"quiet moments." A calming mix of blue, green & gray. Serene color that agrees with anyone's taste:)

Benjamin Moore Color..."gentle gray." Reminds me of an early morning fog. Blue undertones make this color perfect for a nursery.

Benjamin Moore Color..."silver lake." Gray color with blue undertones. Calming, relaxing, soothing hue.

Benjamin Moore Color...ocean air." A soft subtle shade of blue that reminds one of the ocean.

Benjamin Moore Color..."tapestry beige." A gray/beige...greige. A soft, neutral color that will add simple elegance to any home.

Benjamin Moore Color..."wales gray." A mid-tone gray that is ageless. At times it casts a bluish-green hue over the room, depending on the light. Beautiful color.

Benjamin Moore Color..."monroe bisque." A soft yellow beige that remains neutral and will go with cream colors beautifully.

Benjamin Moore Color..."aganthus green." Green soothes, uplifts, and makes everything around it look good. No wonder it's nature's favorite color.

Benjamin Moore Color..."soft fern." A cool green with a hint of gray. Cool as a cucumber:)

Benjamin Moore Color..."pale oak." A gorgeous neutral that is graceful and elegant and all about style. A quiet, calming color.

Benjamin Moore Color..."berkshire beige." A warm, medium beige that will bring coziness to any room.

Benjamin Moore Color..."in your eyes." The name alone makes me feel dreamy. A soft beach color that is calming and happy.

Benjamin Moore Color..."rockport gray." A moody gray tone with hints of mocha. An airy greige that's both smoky and chic.

Benjamin Moore Color..."gray mirage." A greenish, gray color which is a stunning neutral.

Benjamin Moore Color..."kona." A darker brown that has dramatic effects, especially when paired with white. Stunning room.

Benjamin Moore Color..."stratton blue." A blueish, greenish color that is fresh and classic. Depending on the light, it's impossible to tell if the color is blue or green, making this color charming indeed:)

Benjamin Moore Color..."coastal fog." A velvety brown that is quite cozy. Perfect for dens, dining rooms, or family rooms.