"The Last Kiss" WWII. I want this pic. So powerful and sweet.

"The Last Kiss" WWII - Departure of the “Amerigo Vespucci” Egypt, 1963 - Who is the photographer?

This is literally the cutest thing I've ever seen in my life

Photography is an art kind that shouldn’t be squelched. It is a kind of art. Black and white photography supplies an exceptional perspective on a lot of subjects. If you present photography e…

Young man walks behind elephant. Sri Lanka, 1995.

Young man walks behind elephant. Sri Lanka, 1995

Sitting Bull (1831 – 1890) ~ "a Hunkpapa Lakota Sioux holy man who led his people as a tribal chief during years of resistance to United States government policies. Born near the Grand River in Dakota Territory, he was killed by Indian agency police on the Standing Rock Indian Reservation during an attempt to arrest him and prevent him from supporting the Ghost Dance movement."

SITTING BULL was a beloved medicine man and chief of the Sioux Indian Tribe. Chief Sitting Bull was born in about 1837 in what is now North Dakota. He was the son of Sioux chief Jumping Bull.

Play leapfrog - My niece's (Joanne Quirante Escober) Photo is on National Geographic Photo Gallery : Photographing People and Pets


sole ancestor of the dog, which was first domesticated in the Middle East. Dogs are the wolf's closest relative (the genetic divergence between gray wolves & dogs is only as opposed to over between gray wolves, Ethiopian wolves & coyot.

Cherokee Indian Chief

Indian Chief You are viewing a stunning photo of Lazy Boy. It was created in 1914 by Harris & Ewing. from American Legacy

Midday, in the shade of the coconut trees, Tahiti.

Midday, in the shade of the coconut trees, Tahiti."The trees, the trees, those truffula trees! All my life I'd been searching for trees such as these.

It was taken in 1929 by Edward S. Curtis. Eskimo Child It was taken in 1929 by Edward S. Curtis.

Kiowa Girl, Indian Portrait by Edward Curtis. Spokane Indian woman, ca. 1897 Noatak Inuit hopi girl Lakota Sioux Indian Man by Edward Curtis,

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Somewhere deep down there's a decent man in me, he just can't be found.- Eminem black and white photo photography of Palm trees from a tropical tropics island Hawaii Florida LA Cali California silhouette