Casual oversized sweater shirt and necklace

Casual Oversized Sweater Shirt And Necklace. Love the sweater color ad fit. The statement, bold, chunky necklace makes it less stay at homeish.

a band for each child's birth.. each different and unique! love this idea.

engagement ring, wedding band, & a band for each child. Love the idea, and I love stacking rings! Would be much nicer though if the engagement ring fit better with the wedding band and then the stacked rings were added.

love love love the skinny simple band and diamond wedding band combo

If I could have this but custom made with the Skinny Flora band, in yellow gold, it would just be too perfect. I love the 6 prong rings! Skinny Webster & Kimberly Rose Gold FB by RosadosBox


Ariella Collection Flower & Faux Pearl Stack Rings (Set of (Nordstrom Exclusive) and other apparel, accessories and trends.


Cushion jasmine green/champagne sapphire with a rose gold diamond set ring.This would be my dream engagement ring.

Kate Spade glitter stud earring.

Mini small square semiprecious stone stud earrings

hermans street style Kate Spade glitter stud earring ~ These colorful gumdrop studs look amazing on all ears and are surprisingly lightweight for the size. Now, to find a knock off version in my price range!

rainbow kate spade earrings!

Colorful Kate Spade Studs, any fun/pretty colors. I really want to get some bigger stud earrings.

Vintage emerald ring, love that its my birth stone. So pretty. Would LOVE this as my new wedding ring!

Vintage emerald ring, love that it's my birth stone. So pretty. Would LOVE this as my new wedding ring! Love the colored gemstones for wedding rings!