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Great idea to put paint in glue bottles! FUN!

More Design Please - MoreDesignPlease - Ceramic Necklaces by Juliet Gorman

Chunky Bead Knotted Necklace. I love this idea for craft time with my grand baby.

DIY: painted wooden necklace, I don't usually like this chunky necklaces, but its just to cute!

Never buy paint for kids!! Paint- 1 cup salt, 1 cup flour, 1 c water, food coloring.

Q-Tip Painting with Letter and Number Templates.

Q-tip painting templates (printables)

NO SEW -- Sporty Pillows - what a fun gift that kids can even make.

Kids embroidery: trace bold fabric with needle and thread

Salt painting. Make a glue design on dark paper, coat with salt, gently touch the salt with water/food color on a paintbrush and it spreads... so fun!

1. take cheap vinyl tubing from lowe's/home depot and fill it with glitter/beads/sparkles etc. 2. cut a slightly wider piece and connect the two sides with it. 3. VOILA! a tube bracelet :)

Grandparent's Day is Sept 9! Trace Your Arms and Mail A Hug to your Grandparents!

The best play dough recipe ever - uses Jell-O to make it super soft and smells great!

Crayons in a glue gun; oh the possibilities! THIS IS SO FREAKING COOL!!!

Never buy paint (for kids) again!! Paint- 1 cup salt, 1 cup flour, 1 c water, food coloring.

This is truly the BEST play dough recipe ever,and if you add dry koolaid instead of food coloring, you have smell-o-riffic dough!

white crayon, water colors.