Baby Beanbag: I think I just found every baby shower gift for the rest of my life.

The beanbag is consist of there parts: Bed base, and two upper layers that be detached and interchanged so that the bean bag will grow with your child. Product name: Baby soft bed (beanbag). Portable Baby to Child Bean Bag / Snuggle Bed.

Basket changing table

Basket changing table - I love that basket, I love that wall color, that white vine and that sweet little painting. Oh, this would be reason enough to have a baby :-D

Baby Room Decor Tips For Small Spaces - NYC

Interior designer and photographer Gunnar Larson and his wife Sara Larson ceate space for baby in a 400 square foot apartment // nursery + exposed brick + great light + high celings

Achomawi baby 1910  Native American Indian - Old photo

Achomawi baby 1910 Native American Indian - Old photos - Looking at this picture, the quality is magnificent, you would think it was just taken. Such a happy little papoose :).

Gorgeous wee ankle bells...I'm a dodgy knitter but watch this space! #thehealthyclub #Mom #Kids #Family #Music

Knitted ankle bells

knitted ankle bells - Children often revel in apparel that looks cute but doubles as some other trinket. With this in mind, Mini-Eco has created adorable knitted ankle b.

nursery, Better Homes and Gardens Decorating Ideas, 1975

Better Homes and Gardens Decorating Ideas, 1975 - Amazing floor! This could easily be coordinated with any color combination on the floor and the wall. could even paint each drawer or just the handles if made in wood. A RAINBOW FLOOR

Hanging Baby Cot

Hanging Baby Cot in a white airy bedroom. alternative to having a bassinet in master bedroom.

I totally bought one of these from someone on etsy, with the thought that I'd be able to figure out how to make them. Now i have found a tutorial and I know I could sooooo totally make these. Hmmmm....

DIY Teething/Nursing necklace for mom to wear. Baby can chew it or play with it while nursing. Lyla has been pulling her hair and scratching me while nursing, so this would be great! I'd make it in a more "me" fabric :)