JK Rowling is one of the most wonderful woman that walk the earth.

Jk Rowling is an amazing woman omg I love her she's like my hero and I look up to her

He's got a point

We plan, we get there, all hell breaks loose - This speech from the movie made me laugh because it's so very true!

heart: broken

Harry Potter trio on the last day of filming. Cannot even handle the feels of this post. I seriously just teared up.

HP cast goblet of fire.

HP cast goblet of fire. Look at Rupert's hair! And rob Patterson! Plus Emma is wearing converse and a fancy dress lol love it

Um, yeah. Just about squealing in girlyness.

100 Things You Didn't Know About Harry Potter Personally, I knew all but 29 of these. Awwww Ron and Hermione. love them. (But I love Draco+Hermione too.

Harry Potter plot twist. OHMIGOSH...

Harry Potter plot twist.

Harry Potter plot twist, or how Harry could actually, forever, be The Boy Who Lived. If this plot twist actually occurred, I would have cried forever.

A Very Potter Valentine. These are actually pretty good! My fav is the muggle-snuggle...

HP Valentines so funny.--- my favorite are "i like your long bottom" and muggle snuggle?

luna is the best.

I love this idea. I love the idea do actually doing this at special or important events.like wills wedding


Not this design specifically, but I like the idea of a tattoo with a picture inside the negative space of another picture. Probably would want a raven in black, with a wolf within it

Snape goes thrift shopping.

Snape goes thrift shopping.

Severus Snape * Thrift Shop - "I wear your grandma's clothes. I look incredible." too funny


The movies and books may be over, but the magic never ends. The story will be passed on to generations to come, and thus will never die. Harry Potter lives on. Wether it by page or by the big screen hogwarts will be here to welcome you home.

Evanna Lynch, 11, was let out of the hospital for an hour to get her signed copy of harry potter. jk rowling said that if she beat anorexia she could play luna, and she did.

Evanna Lynch, was let out of the hospital for an hour to get her signed copy of Harry Potter. JK Rowling said that if she beat anorexia she could play Luna Lovegood in the movies, and she did. I love JK Rowling, don't you?

Gonna go cry myself to sleep now...

I heard that the brother who lived was never able to produce a Patronus again, because all of his good, happy memories directly involved his brother. As a twin, I get this.