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Doctor Who

Shameless Whovian here, because let's get real, who wouldn't want to travel around in time and space, saving planets and being altogether sort of marvelous? Tennant will always be my first in my heart, although I love Eccleston (desperately wish he'd done more than a season) and have grown extremely fond of Matt Smith. Love Troughton and Baker most of classic doctors.


Whovians, the REAL fans who waited.

"Something just hit me. So in Torchwood when they blew jack up he grew back out of what they found. Well, when the headless monks cut his head off his head survives and becomes the face of boe which eventually dies, but Jack can’t die bc of Rose which means, that from the rest of his body a new head grew and there has to be another jack out there….." - angel-in-the-blue-box via Tumblr

Doctor Who: Trivial Pursuit WANT

A Doctor Who workout plan. Can be adapted for any show.

A clip from David Tennant's Doctor Who Video Diary. I am convinced that Catherine Tate, Billie Piper, John Barrowman and David Tennant would be the most awesome road trip buddies EVAR. I also love how they quote David Attenborough.

10th Doctor and Donna Noble. I love this scene. Pure comic gold!

An amazing theory about TenToo being not only a clone but The Doctor himself. It's long, but worth reading it.

This image pains my heart, thinking of the moment when I'll have to see my Doctor change again, knowing the pain he'll be feeling, wondering who he will become. When I say, "my Doctor," I don't mean Eleven is my favorite, but that the Doctor is the same man, even after he changes, and I love him, every version of him I've seen. I'm afraid of losing that. I'm afraid of having to lose another version of him that I love, even if it means gaining another.

Because it was the first one I saw, and because it was just perfect for him: not too streamlined, not too flashy. It might have been a bit run-down, but it was well-loved. - Doctor Who #TARDIS

Doctor Who - The Doctor Dances

Doctor Who Trivia (a little outdated)

Matt Smith Leaving Doctor Who :'( so many feels..

I may or may not have already pinned this, but I love this picture so much that I just don't care.

If the weeping angels started a band.

if only this kept going...