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Managers seeking to increase performance with effective feedback should incorporate these 21 components into their feedback processes.

New York Public Library on Fifth Avenue (the twin lions are named Patience and Fortitude)

Photo: Vivian Maier. The building in the background is Carrere and Hastings' New York Public Library (completed 1911).

The Statue of Liberty in Paris before being disassembled, crated and shipped to the United States in 1886

‘Construction of the Empire State Building was one of the most remarkable feats of the 20th century. It took only 410 days to build, by 3,400 workers, many of them desperate for work at the height of the Depression. The work force was made up largely of immigrants, along with hundreds of Mohawk Indian iron workers.’ 1931

Brooklyn Bridge, Looking East, New York City Side, July 7, 1899. Daniel Berry Austin (American, born 1863, active 1899-1909). Brooklyn Bridge, Looking East, New York City Side, July 7, 1899. Glass plate negative, 5 x 7 in. (12.7 x 17.8 cm). Prints, Drawings and Photographs. Brooklyn Museum/Brooklyn Public Library, Brooklyn Collection, 1996.164.1-973. (1996.164.1-973_glass_SL1.jpg)

Camille Pastorfield - American Actress. Circa 1920.

NY Public Library's underground levels (strained metaphysical conceit for the depths of the conscious and gradients of subconscious awareness and memory)

New York City's Public Library

Beautiful Hanging Lantern New York Public Library, United States

Through the window in New York Public Library by Alafourcade

New York Public Library:: OK, now I am simply stunned I did not go inside. 0_0 I shall have to return just to do so.

Cabinets To Go | Kitchen Cabinets - Buckingham Sienna Rope

Halloween Invitation Mr Bones Skeleton Halloween Party by bnute,

vomiting pumpkin....totally making this @Julie Biggio

Halloween bat swarm. I love this, remember to use stickies that leave no residue tho!!!!! critical or you'll be painting.

appetite/amenity - I've seen this idea so many times and it works perfectly for the Halloween season. Candy is a must. Can also be an amenity; guests can put together their own goodie bag before leaving.

Halloween decor idea - toss a green glo stick in the drink cooler at your Halloween party.

Halloween Party Favors - surgical gloves filled with candy!

Purple Blue 1st birthday party. Handmade tissue paper flowers across the mantle with crystal candlestick holders and pearlized white tapers. Pictures of the birthday girl in black and white at each month glued onto coordinating cardstock with scrapbooking flower stickers. Its hung with decoupaged clothespins onto a coordinating ribbon. Purple high chair cover with babys monogram in light blue. Handmade high chair tutu in lavender with tiny blue ribbon for accents.