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WeThinkSmall: Greyhound Linocut Print 5 x 7

Boneyard: Three At-Risk Animal Species in Africa

Boneyard: Three At-Risk Animal Species in Africa | Super Scholar

Halfway through 2014, poachers are killing at least three African rhinos every day. More than 500 rhinos have been poached in South Africa alone; almost halfway to the 1,004 killed in 2013. We fear it will get worse before it gets better. - See more at:


Black Rhino reflection by Fotografie-Egmond

Greyhound - Typical ears.

Rhino- In 10,000 years people will not remember our petty wars, social issues, or Presidents. But they will remember the extinction of the Rhino if we allow it to happen. Don't let the sun set on this majestic being's existence on our planet.

Black Rhino, one of my very favorite animals. They could easily become extinct in my lifetime due to an increase in poaching for the asian market. It breaks my heart, they are beautiful (and surprisingly graceful) to see in the wild. :-(

Немного новых и старых работ Nick Brandt » Фото, рисунки

Baby Rhino Running...They are so cute!

MNN.COM›Earth Matters› Animals Infographic: Understanding the rhino wars When rhinos rebounded from the brink of extinction last century, it was a historic, hard-fought victory for conservationists around the world. But now, within just five years, the global rhino wars have suddenly returned -- along with a few 21st-century twists

Infographic: Understanding the rhino wars

Image courtesy of "I love rhinos" Facebook group.


OES Awwww.

Best Babies ever


Old English Sheepdog - LOVE THEM!!

cute markings



Soooo cute!!

Help the Rocky Mountain Feline Rescue - A no-kill cat-only shelter in Denver that is in danger of closing. They are looking for forever homes for the cats and also donations. Spread the word!

What a stunning image.

My cat Hugo - I think he was imitating my reaction to doing taxes :)

Haha, what great timing for this picture!

This definitely seems like something my cats would do.