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Katja Kesäläinen

Katja Kesäläinen
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I wish heaven had a phone so I could hear your voice one last time.long distance phone call to my pop.hi daddy, I miss you. Can't wait to hear your laughter, and see your bushy caterpillar eyebrows again.

Ikävä on iso..

12 years ago I lost my dad. Some days it seems like it was just yesterday and it breaks my heart to know that his grandchildren will never know the incredible man that was my DAD. Gone but never forgotten. Miss you daddy!

Lepää rauhassa isä.

Now that you have left us We must be strong on own You'll never know how much you're missed Thanks for being MY dad I will always love and miss you until you come back again.

Dad I Miss You Quotes

You Never Know How Strong You Are. I love this quote. Everyone will have to make the choice to be strong thru out their lives.

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