write down all the cute/funny things your children say and save them in a jar (you could label the jars by the years). awesome. what a gift when they're older!

I LOVE THIS IDEA! Throughout the year, write down memories that make you smile. On New Year's Eve, open it up and reread all of the good stuff that made the year wonderful! Love this idea! Really love this idea.a jar full of memories.

Love these flowers - great for headbands, bows, wreaths, etc...

Easy, Budget-Friendly Bedroom Projects

3 low ponytails, divided into loops & pinned.

14 Pretty Ways to Wear Your Hair This Summer

Loop chignon - make three ponytails just above the nape of your neck, and spray the sections with hairspray. Then working from the outer ponytails in, make loops with small sections of hair and pin in place.


30 Days of Twist & Pin Hairstyles – Day 17 30 natural remedies to make your hair grow faster. 30 days of braided hairstyles! 30 Braids in.

Katniss' Braid (Dutch Braid)

Step-by-Step: Hunger Games - Katniss Everdeen Hair Braid

Dutch Braid (Inspired by the Hunger Games girl but Ill let it go). voggenstein Dutch Braid (Inspired by the Hunger Games girl but Ill let it go). Dutch Braid (Inspired by the Hunger Games girl but Ill let it go).

Ocean/beach snack.  Vanilla pudding, crushed Nilla wafers, Teddy Grahams, a gumball and/or Lifesaver, and drink umbrella.

Cher is back on the charts with ‘Woman’s World’

Sand Cups: Beach or Pool Party Treats The Kids Cook Monday: Summer Birthday Parties For Kids

add peroxide and baking soda to moutain dew to make it glow!!! cool for kids!! totally doing this for camping!!!!

video for DIY Glow In the Dark Mountain Dew~ inch Mt Dew in bottle, add tiny bit of baking soda & 3 capfuls of hydrogen peroxide. Shake & it glows. Pour on sidewalk to "paint". Gotta try!

tape out name and have the kids fingerpaint over it. love it

Tape off the name with painter tape. Let them finger paint the canvas. Pull off the tape and look how cool it looks! Cute Idea For A Kid's Room or A Bonus Room!

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