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23 People You Can't Even Be Mad At Because They're Technically Following The Rules

This adorable kid who did precisely what his coach told him to do.<<< I just love how he hugs him towards the end

At last!  Some of the terms that have been puzzling me are explained in this sewing glossary.  Links to great tutorials too.

Sewing Glossary of Terms - illustrated - So Sew Easy Great description of popular sewing terms and links to some really useful tutorials too. Not just for beginners! If you have a passion for arts and crafts you will enjoy our website!

Staystitching - what is it and why do it?

Staystitching – what is it and why do it? - Why staystitch? Prevent fabric from stretching and distorting a you work with staystitching.

Disney Princesses In Battle Armor: This Weekend's Best Cosplay

It looks like our favorite Disney princesses don't need a man to save them from danger anymore. Photographer Will Box captured photos of the ladies at Anime Revolution 2014 cosplaying as warrior Disney princesses. These women are so badass that they'