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I want this Book mark now. Glow-in-the-dark bookmarks that will certainly add a touch of magic to your reading (Manon Richard)

Oh summer....why do you leave so quickly? There will probably be record snow fall this year or something...sigh....I am not a positive morning person apparently.

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When someone are work starts telling me how many calories are in my lunch // I will stab you in the neck Susan / baby

All this needs is a comparison of their sweatpants vs. mine.

After going to an all girl’s school for four years I learned a thing or two about messy buns. I like to think us private school girls are the ones who made messy buns (or the top knot) trendy and c.

Start it up. And nobody dies

fresh memes are the fuel internets working on 640 high 49 Park your high horse and enjoy some lowbrow humor Photos)

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If ever get in trouble, there is no better defense. You were supposed to take care of me and you failed, Maa.