Fashion - 16th & 17th centuries

Fashion - 16th & 17th centuries

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1608 Elizabeth d'Oyley aged 16 by Robert Peake (Norfolk Museums, Norfolk UK) | Grand Ladies | gogm

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Gilbert Jackson | lot

British School 17th century - Portrait of a Lady, Called Elizabeth, Lady Tanfield 1615 Tate Britain. The identity of both sitter and artist is uncertain. The lady's fashionable and richly embroidered attire, with its profusion of expensive lace, indicates that she is of high birth, and probably a member of the Jacobean court. Her loose hair, decked with pansies known as 'heart's ease', her location out of doors beside a peach tree, and the gesture with which she lifts her shawl seem allegorical

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Wm.Larkin painted this long missing portrait of Lady Anne Clifford in 1616, when she was 28. As a child she was a favorite of Queen Elizabeth I of England; she also danced in masques with Anne of Denmark, queen of King James I of England. She lived an eventful life; the original site is well worth reading

National Portrait Gallery buys lost Lady Anne Clifford painting

Portrait of Frances Marbury, aged 27, with her daughter, aged 4, 1613, English School.

File:Frances Marbury and her Daughter.jpg - Wikimedia Commons

Portrait of Jane Dorner (b.1564) Circa 1590 Dorney Court.

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Italian Bobbin Lace ~ 16th century ~ collar with supportase ~ Metropolitan Museum of Art

Collar | Italian

Lady Anne Montagu by Daniel Mytens 1626

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Late 16th century Italian apron

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ca. 1610 Princess Elizabeth by Robert Peake (National Portrait Gallery - London UK)

ca. 1610 Princess Elizabeth by Robert Peake (National Portrait Gallery - London UK) | Grand Ladies

The Wanstead or Welbeck Portrait of Elizabeth I of England as Pax holding an olive branch and standing on the sword of Justice. It is said by Daniel Lysons (The Environs of London, 1796, vol 4, pp.231-244) to depict Old Wanstead House in the background. The picture it must be assumed hangs at or formerly hung at Welbeck Abbey ~ performed between 1585 and 1590 by Marcus Gheeraert the Eldest

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Jacket, detail of embroidery, by Margaret Laton. Linen embroidered with silver-gilt thread. England, c.1610.

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1580 Hans Bock the Elder - Portrait of Eva Steward of Rheinfelden


Full circle cape, 1630-1640

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Suit of Yellow Slashed and Braided Satin. English, about 1630. Victoria & Albert Museum.

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Catherine Carey, Countess of Nottingham (Detail), 1597, attributed to Robert Peake (circa 1551 – circa 1619)

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Portrait de Charlotte de Roye, comtesse de la Rochefoucauld, c. 1577


Portrait of a Lady, Follower of Francesco Salviati del Rossi, 16th century

Rate the Dress: a 16th century lady in pink

Sir Reginald Scott (1512-1554) 1552

Sir Reginald Scott (1512-1554)

Ollivier Henry costume early 17th Century Spanish style

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Mary, Queen of Scots (1542-1587) She became the Scottish Queen from 1542-1567, born "Mary Stewart" ; "Marie Stuart" in French; "Mary I" in Scottish sovereigns listings. She was born in Linlithgow, Scotland to King James V of Scotland and Mary of Guise, his French wife. She apparently had bright auburn hair and hazel-brown eyes. Seen here also with Francis, Dauphin of France, (their marriage was arranged as children).

Hans Eworth (1540–1573) Mary Fitzalan, Duchess of Norfolk,1565, detail

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The Birthday A Portrait Of The Artists Wife Edith British William Holman Hunt

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Portrait Camilla Martelli, approx 1580, Jacopo Ligozzi

Miss Folly : Photo

Elisabeth of Austria, Queen of France, by François Clouet, 1570

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