Mary Queen of Scots' aged about 12. This portrait, by Francois Clouet c1555, is thought to be the earliest image of her.

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Dona Ana Manrique de Lara. Between 1531 and 1536. She served as a lady in waiting for Eleonor of Austria who was queen of France. During this time three portraits were made, two chalk drawings by Jean Clouet and one painting by Corneille Lyon.

The person behind the portrait

Marguerite_of_Valois,_Queen_of_Navarre)_by_Nicholas_Hilliard.jpg (1118×1397)

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The crown worn by Elizabeth I in her coronation portrait. Anne Boleyn was the only queen consort in history to be crowned with the Crown of St. Edward, like a monarch in her own right. But Anne felt it was too heavy to wear through the entire ceremony, so Henry had a lighter, more delicate crown made for her to wear during the celebrations. This may be Anne's crown. (None of the original royal jewels from the Tudor era survive intact. They were all melted down in the English civil wars.)

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Portrait of Lady Emmeline Scott, Unknown, 16th century, Gift of Mr. and Mrs. James MacLamroc

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Maryland Renaissance Festival

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Miniature of a man reputed to the Earl of Essex (unlikely). © National Maritime Museum, Greenwich, London, Caird Collection

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1590-1600 Elizabeth I Nicholas Hilliard

Reinette: Miniature portraits

Stunningly beautiful photo of the tragic Lynne Frederick starring as Queen Katherine Howard in the 1972 film Henry VIII and His Six Wives

English actress Lynne Frederick - Beauty will save

Alessandro Allori (1535-1607) Lady with the dog

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1576 Lady Margaret Douglas, Countess of Lennox Nicholas Hilliard

Reinette: Miniature portraits

Portrait of a Lady

Portrait of a Lady - Anonymous, Anonymous

Upper and Unterwams of Friedrich Graf Stubenberg, 1574, detailed in "Textile Conservation and Research"

 Die von Ihnen aufgerufene Seite existiert leider nicht mehr oder wurde verschoben.

Unknown lady - 1565 - detail


Tudor dress based on the one Catherine Howard may have worn. On display at Gainsborough Old Hall, Lincolnshire. Henry VIII visited Gainsborough twice; once in 1509 and again in 1541 with the doomed Queen Catherine Howard. The Queen was accused of indiscretions both at Gainsborough and Lincoln and was executed.

Feltabulous: May 2012

A re-creation of a Tudor gown ala Queen Catherine Howard, fifth wife of Henry VIII, for display at Gainsborough Old Hall, to commemorate Henry and Catherine’s visit made as part of Henry’s Northern Progress in 1541.

His ‘Rose without a Thorn’

(men) Att. to Lucas de Heere (ca. 1534-84): 'Triple Profile Portrait', ca. 1570. This stunning and unusual portrait is not as it appears. The figures outfitted in fashionable costume are men. Adding to the intrigue, scholars have only recently attributed the work to Lucas de Heere, a Netherlandish painter who worked in Paris between 1559 and 1561, and in London after 1567. Research suggests that the sitters may, in fact, be the minions - or boyfriends - of French King Henry III (1551-1589).

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Circle of Frans Pourbus the Younger (Antwerp 1569-1622 Paris) Portrait of lady, half-length, in white bejewelled dress and headress

Circle of Frans Pourbus the Younger (Antwerp 1569-1622 Paris) Portrait of lady, half-length, in white bejewelled dress and headress

Bracelet, probably 1500-1600 - The inventory of Elizabeth I’s jewels in 1587 describes a rock crystal bracelet, set with “sparcks of rubies, and little sparcks of saphiers.” This bracelet, which may be the one described, is an outstandingly rare object today. No other Indian bracelets like it have survived from that period. IMAGE: Elizabethan Bracelet at the V&A Museum.

Elizabethan at V&A

The Elizabeths! I love this!

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Funeral Effigy of Queen Elizabeth I

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Henry VIII Cap of Maintenance Waterford Treasure Museum in Ireland - the only remaining piece of clothing left actually worn by the famous king

Waterford Museum of Treasures - History Museum of Ireland's Oldest City

Coif with lappets. From either Flanders or Italy. ca. 1550-1600 Artist/Maker: Unknown. Materials and Techniques: Linen with cutwork and needle lace.

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English 16th century


Extant Doublet - 1580 Met Museum Clothes this old have rarely survived. This (men's) doublet is in wonderful shape for it's age.

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