The Clothespin is such a cute idea for 'sealing' the bag and attaching a thank you clothespin for christmas goodies?

Wander Wins $1.2M From Rob Go, SV Angel,

Parcel Tag: Wander - a new innovation in social network experiences…

Neuarmy Surplus Limited Issue T-shirt

force-label Neuarmy Surplus Limited Issue T-shirt that features a simple, yet interesting clothing tag. The additional red tag features the wash and care instructions for the shirt--genius!

darling joan clothing label - business card idea?

A great hang tag design is an important part of branding strategy. Here are 25 luxurious examples of hang tags that stand out from the crowd.


Inverness wedding favor tag by Pine Erie Press

Molly’s Milk Truck

PACKAGING Inspired by food advertisements of the our vision for Molly's Milk Truck was clean, vintage design. Everything from the coffee cups to the truck itself had to resonate with a time where poodle skirts and milkshakes reigned supreme.