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It's either cold enough for uggs or warm enough for shorts... It cannot be both

It's either cold enough for Uggs or warm enough for shorts. And even then, uggs are boots, wear them to keep your feet warm, not as a fashion statement!


1000 ml Coffee 50 ml/hr IV Cont. 250 ml Bolus as needed. Every nurse would love this from time to time. Sure wished for this when working as staff nurse on floor especially the night shift.

SO true!

I don't do this, but my husband is guilty guilty guilty! And his can go up to "years ago." "Our friend had a baby the other day. She's 3 years old now.

That's the truth, many people don't realize there is a difference.

Fit is ALWAYS better than skinny. What are you searching for? I hope it is more than just being skinny.I search for so many things more than just being skinny, that is just an added bonus