Christian Grey and Ana Steele

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Christian Grey and Ana Steele

Christian Grey and Ana Steele

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Ian Somerhalder fifty shades of grey christian grey!!

Fifty Shades of Grey. Ian Somerhalder for Christian Grey!!!!! I'm so obsessed with the idea!

  • Terri Stewart
    Terri Stewart

    He definitely has the eyes, smile and hair...ahh heck he has it ALL :) Good choice

  • Theresa Vance
    Theresa Vance

    I'm not seeing it...just saying...

  • Linda Rossi
    Linda Rossi


Ian Somerhalder as Christian Grey !!!

  • Tamara Taylor
    Tamara Taylor

    We can only hope! Obsesssssedddd. He would be perfect!

Alexandra Daddario as Ana Steele!!!

Alexandra Daddario
  • Madison Barnaby
    Madison Barnaby

    her features are too harsh

  • Rachel Coulanges Ⓥ
    Rachel Coulanges Ⓥ

    Alexandra doesn't have a quirk to her like Ana would. With Ana, it's more of a deep hidden beauty. Alexandra could work perhaps though without the makeup of course. But question. How do you make a movie of the book...a porno...?

Alexandra Daddario as Ana Steele !!!!! perfect with her big blue eyes!

Alexandra Daddario Photos: "Hall Pass" World Premiere
  • Joey Hilo
    Joey Hilo


  • Madison Barnaby
    Madison Barnaby

    blue eyes are just about the only quality she has that matches ana