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    I've loved dinosaurs since I was a kid. I never played with dolls--I played with dinosaurs, much to my poor mother's dismay. I used to want to be a paleontologist, but math got in my way. But I still study them in secret.


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    John B. Abbott excavating a dinosaur femur

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    Julius T. Csotonyi

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    An artist's impression of how the Canadian Ornithomimosaur fossils might have looked in their feathered finery

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    Main et griffes d'Allosaurus fragilis. Prehistoric Museum of Utah

    USU Eastern Prehistoric Museum

    Cerasinops hodgskissi. Dinosauria, Ornithischia, Cerapoda, Marginocephalia, Ceratopsia, Neoceratopsia. Auteur : Nobu Tamura, 2007.

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    Amazing Mosasaur Skull www.fossilshack.c...

    Dinosaur skulls for sale

    Dinosaur Museums in Utah. Some look really cool. :)

    Dinosaur Museums in Utah

    25 Concept Art and Illustrations of Dinosaurs - so much dinosaur goodness! by Daren_Horley and others

    25 Concept Art and Illustrations of Dinosaurs


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    Egg-straordinary find: Workers point to the dinosaur eggs that were discovered as they were fitting a new sewage pipe in Heyuan, south-east China

    43 dinosaur eggs discovered by construction workers in China

    Northernmost Dinosaur Discovered in ‘Lost World’ of Animal Fossils in Alaska from Western Digs - Ugrunaaluk kuukpikensis dinosaur skull

    Northernmost Dinosaur Discovered in ‘Lost World’ of Animal Fossils in Alaska


    View image – Prehistorics Illustrated Dinosaurs

    Majungasaurus crenatissimus by Demetrios M. Vital

    Scientists find the king of the feathered dinosaurs

    Titanosaur by PaleoGuy

    Titanosaur by PaleoGuy on deviantART

    Lythronax argestes skull at the Natural History Museum of Utah. Suborder Theropoda Family Tyrannosauridae Subfamily Tyrannosaurinae Lythronax argestes is the oldest known tyrannosaurid. It lived during the late Cretaceous Period.

    Eclectic Irony

    Titanosaur - William Stout

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    Cryolophosaurus ellioti by ~dustdevil on deviantART

    Cryolophosaurus ellioti by dustdevil on DeviantArt

    Eolambia. Barre d'échelle 10 cm. Dinosauria, Ornithischia, Ornithopoda, Iguanodontia, Hadrosauroidea. Auteurs : Lukas Panzarin et Andrew T. McDonald. 2012.

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    Dilophosaurus by Carlo-Arellano

    Dilophosaurus by Carlo-Arellano on deviantART


    Fossil skeleton of new dinosaur species unveilled at Rocky Mountain Dinosaur Resource Center

    Oviraptor by *AntarcticSpring @ deviantART antarcticspring.d...

    Dino by AntarcticSpring on deviantART

    Carnotaurus brothers by Damir G. Martin Probably would be called Meat Bulls or Jungle Devils on Dymos.

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    ryuukyaku of Masato Hattori / Dinasaurs CG

    Blue Whale Vs. Sauropod Vs. Elephant Vs. Quetzalcoatlus What a great size comparison! From here: Photoshopped pic that I'd love to buy; also super interesting articles...

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