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Exercise Cards Bodyweight for Women

Lift your breasts naturally! Try these chest and back strengthening exercises for women to help you tone, firm and lift your chest and improve your posture.

Chest And Back Strengthening Exercises | Lean, Strong And Toned Upper Body

SMART Weight Loss printable Fitness Planner to help keep weight loss on track.

SMART Weight Loss Fitness Planner

At-Home Kettlebell Leg Workout

At-Home Kettlebell Leg Workout (Lauren Gleisberg)

NEW WORKOUT ~ BIKINI ARMS! love love love karena's bikini in this one!!


Exercise has a huge impact on immune function

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10 great exercises to tone your neck and chin.

The 10 Best Exercises to Reduce a Double Chin | LIVESTRONG.COM

Butt workout!

9 Butt Exercises Better Than Squats

Practicing Yoga at Home | A 30 Day Yoga Challenge

Practicing Yoga at Home | A 30 Day Yoga Challenge

Level one exercise plan, snag a PDF download of this routine on my blog.

To Insanity & Back: Level ONE Exercise Plan

THIS is how you can keep your New Year's resolution! It's all about small changes, one at a time.

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VERY HELPFUL! My goal is to have a great stomach by the end of the year. This chart will help me get there for sure.

Class FitSugar on POPSUGAR Fitness

Booty Sculpting Leg Workout | Click for the full fitness plan

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This blog is extremely helpful, I encourage anyone trying to lose weight to try this!

Shape Up: 7 Days to Skinny Jeans Re-Boot

Muscle Stem Cells Unlocked With Exercise

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Arm (+Core) Hand Weight Workout

Arm (+Core) Workout with Hand Weights

It’s no secret, the dynamic duo known as “Base Body Babes” are well, total BABES. Not only that, but they’re experts in what they do. So, when it came to finding the right advice on how to build a booty (like Beyonce), we knew Diana and Felicia were the perfect people to show us how.

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Thigh toning Workout- I am not crazy about the fat-shaming in the title, but the workout itself is legit.

High Heels and Training Wheels: Sponsor Post: KAMA Fitness

Wish your butt and thighs looked like those of a Victoria Secret model, but don't have time to spend hours at the gym? No worries! This collection of butt and thigh at home workouts for busy moms is JUST what you need. Full workouts included!

5 butt and thigh at home workouts for busy moms

Learn how to get rid of that pesky back fat, lose the spare tire around your gut, and start getting that v cut we all want! #fitness #workout #exercise #fitness #backfat

How to get rid of back fat

20 minute workout

Flat-Belly Workout: Cardio and Crunchless Abs

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Feeling like you need a lift? Get your booty in to gear with this 21-day challenge that is sure to give you a better behind for those summer bikinis.

Shape and Tone Your Butt in Just 3 Weeks

You can try this... Or you can wrap your butt!! I've got great pics if you want to see 'em!

4 Steps To Get A Better Butt

15-minute Summer Sleeveless Arms Toning printable workout with exercise illustrations.

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