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Katrina Sacramento
Katrina Sacramento
Katrina Sacramento

Katrina Sacramento

#thefighouse #wedding Meagan and Martin are Married! | Mark Brooke PhotoBlog :: GET SOME!!

Simple + pretty updo tutorial

  • Cairsten Beanland

    I didn't mean that the above comment showed "vast" knowledge. I dislike those that jump to correct others so quickly. I think it's overdone now and tacky for lack of a better word. Especially when it's not even a correction to begin with.

  • Cid Stoll

    But there's also something to be said for clarity. If several people look at something and instantly misread it, shouldn't that also be a red flag to the person who wrote it that perhaps it needs to be a bit more clear? I didn't think Eliza's initial correction was in any way snarky or unkind.

  • Cairsten Beanland

    Good point- I think I have seen worse comments on the same card but a different pin. I like the idea but agree the names should be a tad bigger so people don't instantly read it wrong.

  • Eliza Thornton

    On the bright side, I guess there is something we all like about the card to have it draw so much attention! It's nice to have an opportunity to discuss things like this. :-)

  • Evette Synuria

    Cute! Just spell check first... "we're"

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