Evening dress Madame Grès (Alix Barton) (French, Paris 1903–1993 Var region)

I need--- Evening dress Madame Grès (Alix Barton) (French, Paris Var region)

Selection of Marimekko dress from 1965

How a Simple Fabric Pattern Uplifted a Post-War Finland - The History of Marimekko

All of your tights. 1969.

High school fashions, 1969

I have a thing for crazy tights and socks. A group of very stylish girls with coordinated outfits of mini-dresses, long necklaces and amazingly cool mod tights, from Life magazine photographer Arthur Schatz’s 1969 photo-essay on high school fashion.

Foale and Tuffin (more designer genius)

Foale and London design duo. Often over shadowed by the Mary Quant-ness that was mid London - I think they've been woefully under represented in the annals of Fashion History.

c.1950 suit

1951 LIFE Model Suzy Parker - photo by Nina Leen - hat and dress of same fabric, and umbrella too? Great gloves and jewellry

1960s Courrèges Dress Coat

Vintage Collectors Item: Courrèges Dress Coat - Queens Of Vintage

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