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"I am not interested in looking younger. I want to look healthy and radiant. I want to look like me."

Voluptuous women can rock a bikini too

In the American culture this is the message we send our women and our young girls. To be loved. To be beautiful. To be worthy. To be healthy. To be successful you must be thin. It has to stop. For our young women's sake. It has to stop.

  • Jane Vader

    To go a little further, it's not people they expect to be thin, it's women. Because they believe on some level, it's a woman's primary duty to be attractive

a week for the unconventional before and after photos, National Eating Disorder Awareness Week. For most of my life, Ive been heavier, and consequently shamed and belittled for my weight.  When I started college, however, I weighed 103 pounds..I was anorexic. I was 15 pounds underweight. This is my telling them they were wrong. This is me thanking my real life and tumblr friends to get me to the wonderful place I am today. So..healthy,but I beat my eating disorder.

I love this guy, whoever he is.

phosphorescentt: I love her awesome response.

Don't have an ugly heart.

That's what LOVE is seeing beyond the body, fat or skinny, some people are just plain ugly on the inside.

Grisel Paula looks lovely in this black and white shot

Don't matter what size its beautiful