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Guinness has had some epic ad slicks. Beer glass manipulated to look like a womans thighs

I dont know if this is the point of the ad, but the Guinness cup remind me of female legs walking. If so, it is totally the idea of sex appeal behind this ad. The lighting is awesome and it works well.

Love this concept art. 2012 Toronto Jewish Film Festival poster

This poster design for the Toronto Jewish Film Festival uses visual language to tell the viewer it's both film and Jewish related. The use of film streams hanging down like traditional Jewish sidelocks (or Payot).

Really appreciate ads that represent the product in a different and original way.  This is a simple design that has the car stand out.

MINI USA's ad agency Butler, Shine, Stern & Partners has released its first MINI Countryman print ad. LET IT SNOW. Introducing the bigger, four-door, all-wheel drive MINI Countryman. The print ad can be found in these magazine issues: Automobile.

Clever bus graphics in Copenhagen!

National Geographic shark bus - Enter the shark, a cool optical illusion for this National Geographic ad on a bus. Via Cool optical illusions.

Located in Mississauga, Toronto, Canada.

The Marylin Monroe Towers, Mississauga, Ontario. The building had been nicknamed the "Marilyn Monroe" tower due to its curvaceous, hourglass figure likened to actress Marilyn Monroe.

Applexlogos: I vincitori del GLOBAL AWARDS 2012 :: Loghi aziendali :: Gallerie creative :: Ispirazioni ::

"Fight for Life" The visual and the copy in this ad work extremely well together. Cool idea to make an anatomical heart out of boxing gloves, then back it up with the simple inspiring message "Fight for Life"