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My Day, Monday: The Power of the Graphic Novel
Growing up I had an older brother (still do, actually) who did NOT like to read books. Picking up a book for fun was absolutely unimaginable for him. And then make it a book that was REQUIRED for s…
the book scavenger by jeaniffer chabliss bethan
Guest Review: “Book Scavenger”
In less than a week the second book in the “Book Scavenger” series, “The Unbreakable Code,” will be released. In honor of the occasion I’m turning the blog over today …
the book cover for the bad beginning
Friday Flicks: Series of Unfortunate Events
I wouldn’t normally do this, but I must advise that you close this browser window immediately and begin watching “Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events” on Netflix…
the cover of sit - in how four friends stood up by sitting down, with an illustration of three men at a table
Picture Book Weekends: Sit-In
It’s Black History Month and I am fortunate that our local library is full of engaged, enthusiastic librarians who curate amazing collections. I wish I had taken a picture of their Black Hist…
the book of nature poetry is shown in front of an image of trees and sky
I Believe Wednesday: Nature
It’s been a week since my last post, but at least it means that I can pick up where I left off! It’s not really that I believe in nature. I mean, who doesn’t? It exists. What I ac…
the panera bread cookbook is open to show different types of pastries and desserts
Take Action Tuesday: BAKE!
Getting back to basics with some baking.
the book cover for star stuff by stephanie roh sisson and carl sagan
Picture Book Weekends: Star Stuff
This computer is out to get me. Seriously. I was without it for FIVE days because that’s how long it now takes to put a battery into a Mac laptop. I won’t rant about that topic anymore,…
Today is a day to plumb the depths of my heart, to find the place where love lives and hope resides. To protect it, to care for it, to nurture it. Today is a day to reach deep into my soul, to find… Christ, Famous Quotes, Picture Quotes, Wise Words, Words Of Wisdom, Courage Quotes, Fear Quotes, Quotable Quotes, Overcoming Fear
When Fear Wins
Today is a day to plumb the depths of my heart, to find the place where love lives and hope resides. To protect it, to care for it, to nurture it. Today is a day to reach deep into my soul, to find…
the complete works of william shakespeare by william shakespeare and william shakespeare, illustrated by william shakespeare
Throw Back Thursdays: Seeking Shakespeare
When I try to remember my high school English experiences, I remember very distinct things about each of my teachers. My 10th grade teacher focused on American literature. I remember we had those a…
a black and white photo with the words making a big life change is pretty scary but know what's even scarier?
I Believe Wednesday: Take a Chance
I’m a big believer in taking a chance. Amazing things happen when you take the leap, not knowing how it might turn out. You can surprise yourself with how successful you are. But then… …
the book cover for heat and light by jennifer haigh, with an eiffel tower in the background
Take Action Tuesday: Environment
I got this book as a Christmas gift last year. I honestly didn’t even know what the topic was when I picked up the book. I began reading and realized this one was hitting close to home. Jenni…
the words have books will travel i kam reads
Have Books Will Travel
Have Books Will Travel | KAM Reads
the words throw back thursday, agatha, cristie / kam
Throw Back Thursday: Agatha Christie
Throw Back Thursday: Agatha Christie | KAM Reads
Take Action Tuesday: Minds Wide Open | KAM Reads Action, Mindfulness, Take Action, Positivity, Open, Tuesday
Take Action Tuesday: Minds Wide Open
Take Action Tuesday: Minds Wide Open | KAM Reads
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My Day, Monday: To Inspiration and Libraries
I can’t even pin down the real timeframe; she was just kind of there. And magical. And amazing. And inspiring. I am speaking, of course, of a librarian. I know I’ve mentioned my son a f…