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*PLANTING FOR 1 YEAR* Artichokes 1-4 plants per person; Asparagus 10-12; Beans, Bush 10-20; Beans, Beans, Pole 10-20; Beets 10-20; Broccoli 5-10; Brussels Sprouts 2-8; Cabbage 3-10; Carrots 10-40; Cauliflower 3-5;Celery: 3-8; Corn: 12-40; Cucumbers: 3-5; Kale 1 5’ row per person; Lettuce 10-12; Melons: 2-6; Onions: 40-80; Peas: 25-60; Peppers: 5-6; Potatoes: 10-30; Pumpkins 1; Rhubarb 2-3 crowns; Spinach 10-20; Summer Squash 2-4; Winter Squash 2; Sweet Potatoes 5;Tomatoes 2-5. MORE AT LINK

Bolivian Rainbow Hot Chili Peppers - The chilies are very hot, so use them cautiously, but they are delicious in salads or salsas, and can be dried or pickled. I really just wanna have them cause the fruits look like Christmas lights....

Everything beautiful....a place to escape. A place where dreams come true. This is everything i dream of....all the beauty all the time ~All photographs & media published here belong to their respective owners.~ ..

Desk top road sign - Lord of the Rings - Hobbit - The Shire - Rivendell - Mordor - Fictional Sign Post - Wedding Centerpiece - Bridal

I need to have my husband make me this for my yard. Concrete is so cheap. 80lb bag for less than $4.00. This can be made for less than $20.00