Fall Outfit

Leg warmers & Knee-High Boots is overkill for me. Instead choose one: - Leg Warmers w/heel boots or ballet flats - Knee-high Boots - Closed Toe Heels

Cute outfit.

Casual fall--Brown sweater, cream tank, jeans, brown leather bag and boots, bangle bracelet

Fall Outfit

Dark brown bag, jacket, jeans, blouse and boots. I like the color combination with this set up. I think the jacket should be a real leather though. I don't thin a cloth one will do.

Burgundy & grey outfit

These colors look great together and I would never have chosen that purple-ish pink. Cole Cole Porter : this color would look beautiful on you, it has the blue-ish undertone! I 💜 purple-ish colors.

Tan skirt, Teal scarf, Denim Jacket & Boots.

Like the colors, denim jacket, scarf, long sleeve shirt, skirt and boots.in fact I have brown boots! But I could do without the ear rings and purse.

blue lace dress

sleeves could look better. Maybe a small cup or angle sleeve. Or let the lace make a longer softer sleeve and lace edge

Blue jean jacket, pink tank top, cheetah print scarf, tan pencil skirt

Blue jean jacket, pink tank top, cheetah print scarf, tan pencil skirt Another use of the denim jacket I like.

Denim jacket, white top, red scarf, printed skirt

Love how the scarf and shoes bring out the red in the skirt. And the jacket and scarf added to the skirt/top make it look more put together. I'd like a dark denim jacket and skirt combo for transitioning from summer to fall.