Kat Weltz

Kat Weltz

Denmark / 22 - danish - introvert - gothic fashionista - cat lover - little monster
Kat Weltz
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A composite of various moon phases by EarthSky Why does the moon seem to change its shape every night?  Remember that the moon is a world in space - with a day side and a night side.

Moon composite from our friend Jacob Baker He wrote: "This is a composite of 8 separate photos taken over the past Summer showing some of the various phases. All shots taken with my Meade reflector telescope, and my Canon at prime focus.


Like I said, I'd like to fix my current tattoo and get a detailed moon phase going down my spine before the handfasting.


Facts about The Moon Phases tell the information about the different appearance of moon when it is viewed from earth. There are 8 primary moon phases to learn