M.A.C Amber Lights and Ricepaper. Want to see how to make those blue eyes pop. Click on the link for more make up reviews and ideas.

Do you have blue eyes? If you're wondering how to make blue eyes stand out or which makeup colors are best this post is for you! #makeup

Burnout on the inner corner of eyelid, Liar in the middle Factory on the outer corner. Blend the colors. Using eyeliner, draw a line along the upper lashline to a wing. Using Factory, blend the wing portion of this line upwards. Again w the Zero eye pencil, draw a very thin line along the outer half of the bottom lashline. Go over this line w the color Trick. Use NYX jumbo pencil in French Fries to line inside the waterline.

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Naked 3 Makeup Looks: Look No.3 - All Out **Check out the other two looks now at Beauty Point Of View #makeup #beauty #tutorial #urbandecay #naked3

what do you gals think? yay or nay? #makeup #beauty #beautyproducts http://www.hairsprayandhighheels.net/2014/01/beauty-products-pale-skin/

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