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UF5. ***Download for More Detail*** Me+Phoenix Julia =

Created with Ultra Fractal Just messing with trap shapes, textures and gradients here. The title comes from the triple trap shapes used ("plugins"), a blend of Fish Curve + + I c.

twilight-in-elephant-valley-by-lapurr.jpg 894×894 pixels

twilight-in-elephant-valley-by-lapurr. On fractals. Honestly, I don't know whether this pin belongs on art, science, or theology. But since science always includes art and theology, I'll put it here.

Fractal espirales

Fractal thingy 404 Aqua regia is a technique of using a special acid mixture to leach metals out of rocks so that their composition can be analysed.

Gypsy chair

Embroiderers' Guild of Victoria Vibrant arm chair - embroidered in Tehuantapec (Mexico) style of embroidery. The embroidery from this region is known for its exuberant colours - typically worked in satin stitch.