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two hands are holding a mug in front of a wheel that is being worked on
At The Wheel With Victoria Smith Ceramics
At the wheel with Victoria Smith Ceramics
two hands holding gray cups on top of a white table next to bread and knifes
At The Wheel With Victoria Smith Ceramics
a brown bowl sitting on top of a black table
Kakurezaki Ryuichi - chawan
a poster with the words and numbers on it
Account Suspended
Home studio set up tips
a green vase sitting on top of a white table
Fred H. Robertson Vase In Verdigris Glaze
FRED H. ROBERTSON Vase in verdigris glaze FRED H. ROBERTSON (LOS ANGELES) Vase covered in verdigris crystalline glaze. (Provenance: The Dora Robertson Estate). Glazed-over mark
three plates with green and yellow designs on them
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water lily by OneClayBead on etsy
a large bowl is sitting on a gray surface with an orange and green pattered finish
Gold Lustre Bowl (CWD253)
1984 Beatrice Wood, American, 1897–1998 Ojai, California
a cup of coffee sitting on top of a square plate with a flower print design
Kaori Tatebayashi
a bowl and spoon sitting on top of a flowered tray
Early Ceramics By Michael Cardew At Blackwell Arts And Crafts , Cumbria
By Kaori Tatebayashi. Love her organic.
a cup and saucer on a plate with flower print design, one spoon is in the foreground
Kaori Tatebayashi -"My design is greatly influenced by natural shapes and forms...the edges of KUMO series resemble mountain ridges, and the pattern of KAGE plate, named after the Japanese word shadow was inspired by the silhouette of a plant. The simple ceramic forms are created by a special moulding technique which gives each piece a unique character. I would like my work to be fresh and innovative but comfortable to use at the same time. I hope my tableware gives you a quiet, sensual treat."
a vase with flowers painted on it sitting on a gray tableclothed surface in front of a grey background
Ceramics Now
Tim Scull: Saggar Fired Vessel (Blue)
four vases sitting on the ground in front of each other
Relationship Break-up: Breaking Up and How to Move On
jean girel ceramics
three brown and white bowls sitting on top of each other
Charlotte Jones Ceramics
Beautiful bowl by Charlotte Jones.
three colorful vases sitting next to each other
Raku pots by Chris Hawkins
Raku by Chris Hawkins
a brown and green vase sitting on top of a table
Beatrice Wood (American), Bud Pot, ceramic, c. 1960.
a person making a pot on a potter's wheel in black and white photo
About Beatrice Wood - Page 2
Beatrice Wood
a green and yellow vase sitting on top of a white table next to a black wall
Olive Crystalline Vase by Bruce Gholson, Seagrove, NC
a black and brown vase sitting on top of a table
Brooklyn Museum
3500-3300 B.C.E. Egyptian. Brooklyn Museum.
a blue vase with many holes in it
Zeus and Europa – European and Italian ceramics in Todi - Italian Pottery Journal
Wanda Fiscina
a ceramic teapot with red dots on it
Teapot - Michael Connelly
michael connelly
many different vases are sitting on a shelf
Raku Water Vase Irene McCollam
a brown and black vase sitting on top of a table
Tall Vase, Celadon and Iron Yellow glaze Brother Thomas (1929–2007) 1998
a black and brown vase sitting on top of a white table
Ceramic Artists Page 9
John Wheeldon
a black and white vase with red swirls on the top is shown in front of a dark background
Saggar Fired Porcelain
Eusebio Lozano
a black and white vase sitting on top of a table next to a wall in the background
Anasazi Gourd Pot by Robert Rivera