Katy Whitton | Planning, Productivity Tools and Life Hacks

Katy Whitton | Planning, Productivity Tools and Life Hacks

United Kingdom / I help people become more organized, productive and motivated. Get free planning downloads, habit trackers, Happy Planner inserts and more at FlippingHeck.com.
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Free Download: March Motivational Wallpaper : This month’s wallpaper quote comes from Robert Orben - we all know that time flies when we’re having fun but perhaps we need to take control of it a little more. : https://www.flippingheck.com/free-download-march-motivational-wallpaper

Weekly Round-Up #112: Creative Workspaces, Routine's, To-Do Lists and Down Time : In this week's round-up we look at how you can get yourself into a productive routine, how to use Gmail Offline and how taking a break can actually make you more productive. : https://www.flippingheck.com/weekly-round-up-112-creative-workspaces-routines-to-do-lists-and-down-time

Get Digitally Organized: Organizing Your Photos : In this second post in our Getting Digitally Organized series I take a look at 4 great software applications that help you import your photos from your digital camera and the various ways they can manage them on your PC. : https://www.flippingheck.com/get-digitally-organized-organizing-your-photos

Weekly Round-Up #110: Jobs For Your Personality, 100 Year Old To-Do List Trick And Oragami For Relaxation : In this edition we see how your earnings stack up with other countries around the world, what career you should really be in based on your MBTI type and some relaxing Star Wars Themed origami. : https://www.flippingheck.com/weekly-round-up-110-mbti-jobs-star-wars-oragami

Get Digitally Organized: Organizing Folders And Files : In part one of our Getting Digitally Organized series we take a look at how you can improve the way you store and access your computer based files to help you become more productive. : https://www.flippingheck.com/get-digitally-organized-organizing-folders-and-files

Free Download: February Motivational Wallpaper : Robert Staubach was in the US Navy, a celebrated American Footballer and a successful business man. His words of wisdom can help motivate you over the month of February : https://www.flippingheck.com/free-download-february-motivational-wallpaper

Weekly Round-Up #109: Stop Speaking In Questions, Make Your Office A Nicer Place And How To Spend Your Money Wisely : In this week's round-up we take a look at why you need to be careful with your speech, how you can spend your money wisely and alternative ways to keep your home clean. : https://www.flippingheck.com/weekly-round-up-109-stop-speaking-in-questions-make-your-office-a-nicer-place-and-how-to-spend-your-money-wisely

Getting Things Done In 2017: The Importance Of Scheduling & Routine : In the final part of my Getting Things Done on 2017 series we take a look at how scheduling tasks on a daily basis can make you more productive and is surprisingly flexible. : https://www.flippingheck.com/getting-things-done-in-2017-the-importance-of-scheduling-routine

Weekly Round-Up 108: How To Work From Home, You Don't Have To Be Perfect And Is Your Boss Bad? : In this week's round-up we take a look at how your boss may be bad, how you can be more productive working from home and how you can digital detox. : https://www.flippingheck.com/weekly-round-up-108-how-to-work-from-home-you-dont-have-to-be-perfect-and-is-your-boss-bad

Getting Things Done In 2017: Batch Processing : Do you ever get that feeling that once you've completed one thing you can just power on through the rest of your to-do list. You can up your productivity game even more with batch processing. : https://www.flippingheck.com/getting-things-done-in-2017-batch-processing