Yeah,I'm a costume nerd

I will wear these costumes one day! Halloween...maybe

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Yeah,I'm a costume nerd

Yeah,I'm a costume nerd

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Kida (Kidagakash Nedakh) from Atlantis: The Lost Empire, Cosplay by Hikaru

Kida (1) by HoldW on DeviantArt

Katara, Avatar: The Last Airbender - Fun costume idea, granted its more Cosplay. I love Katara though!

Prancing Katara | Photo by CourtoonXIII |

Mulan by Sn0wgrimm.deviant...


kyoshi warriors - Google Search. I. Love. This. MAKEUP!!! ♥ ♥ I bet I could replicate it some how, some way...... XD

Lesliesalas (Leslie Salas) on deviantART

Tumblr user Neckfruit cosplays Mandy from The Grim Adventures Of Billy And Mandy.

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Soul Eater Cosplay | Anime-Expo-2012-BigWhiteBazooka-Soul-Eater-cosplay-photoshoot-004.jpg


40 of the best (hyper realistic) cosplays i’ve ever seen

40+ of the best (hyper realistic) cosplays i’ve ever seen


Sophie Hatter(Howl's Moving Castle) | O2

Amazing Zelda cosplay

The Legend of Zelda Cosplay

Naruto - Nagato/Pain Cosplay! This stuff is so cool

Pain Cosplay | Naruto Cosplay

Best cosplays of the year!

Best cosplays of the year!

One of our 69 (dudes!) favorite cosplayers spotted at this year's 2013 San Diego Comic-Con. Photo by Rob Inderrieden.

The Best of 2013 Cosplay in 100 Photos

If not for the black hair, this would be almost exactly how I picture Celeana when she is in her assassin outfit...

Cosplay girls are the muse that keeps on giving (52 Photos)

Joker and Harley Quinn. Awesome cosplay! I love the bag. It's got stuffed animals and dynamite. It's just awesome. lol.

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soul eater cosplay

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DIY Halloween: Film Noir Grayscale Costume

A little Korra with Avatar Aang! She looks so excited to see him! kawaii!

9GAG - Forever Alone No More!

Katara from Avatar:Airbender (Painted Lady version), cosplay created by Renee Marie at

this is my mirror

ATLA - Zuko, Azula, Agni Kai: avatar last airbender

Fanart by ming85 on deviantART

Amazing Toph cosplay << Avatar really does have some of the greatest cosplays I have ever seen << I agree

Check out more at

Princess Yue by SophieHarunoChan1... on @deviantART

Princess Yue by SophieHarunoChan1992 on deviantART

Zuko and Azula. Zuko is my favorite character because he learns what the right path in life ever if it means hurting his own family.

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Uncle Iroh Cosplay from ATLA, photo by elementalsight on Instagram | at Anime North 2014 | Avatar: The Last Airbender

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Howl's Moving Castle by DustyLeaves.devia... on @DeviantArt - Howl and Sophie

Howl's Moving Castle

Gothic vampire Renaissance medieval handfasting wedding dress custom made. $315.00, via Etsy.

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