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Someone on my Christmas list must need this.....Really.

12/27/2012: It's Fruitcake day click and learn who makes the very best fruitcakes...

Grab a tissue....Canadian cellphone company TELUS asked their Facebook fans what they would give if they could give anything. Then they went out and bought one of them a wheelchair lift.

12/23/2012: Today in1823 we first learned about a man who had a broad face and a little round belly, that shook when he laughed like a bowlful of jelly.”  These words were published for the first time in the Troy (N.Y.) Sentinel (now the Record). The poem we know as The Night Before Christmas or A Visit from St. Nicholas by Clement C. Moore, was published anonymously under the newspaper editor’s title, Account of a Visit from St. Nicholas. Click to learn more!

12/23/2012: Festivus! Celebrated by Seinfeld fans everywhere, Festivus was first introduced to the world by the Costanza family on Seinfeld in 1997. In an episode titled, “The Strike”, Frank Costanza tells Cosmo Kramer that he invented the holiday in response to Christmas commercialism. May we wish you all a Happy Festivus for the rest of us!

12/15/2012: Halcyon Days ( 15-29) In the midst of holiday hustle and bustle, there is a multi day observation that often falls through the cracks: Halcyon Days, which begins a week before the winter solstice and ends a week after the solstice.

Need more room under the tree for your Christmas presents? This tree offers a solution.

Nothing says Merry Christmas like a Sushi Christmas Tree!

If you don't like shedding needles or hauling a tree out to the garbage....this tree might be perfect for you!

Simplifying Christmas.

12/13/2012: Ice Cream Day! For those of you paying close attention, yes, we have already had holidays to celebrate ice cream flavors, ice cream cones, ice cream sodas, ice cream sandwiches, and ice cream sundaes. Does ice cream really need an additional day of reverence? Of course it does! And there’s no better opportunity than in the midst of the sweet-tooth overload that is part of the holiday season. Might I suggest a festive bowl of peppermint ice cream?

12/13/2012 is Cocoa day, Cocoa is the champion of wintertime beverages because no one wants to come home after a day of sledding and relax by the fire with a mug of orange juice. Whip up some hot coco to enjoy with your Santa Lucia Buns! And for lovers of Green Chili, I’m told this is an excellent recipe:Green Chili Hot Chocolate.

12/13/2012: Santa Lucia Day: Celebrated at the Chicago Waldorf School

Santa Lucia Day: Celebrate at The Chicago Waldorf School.

12/09/ 2012: Christmas Card Day. Sir Henry Cole hired painter and illustrator John Calcott Horsley to create a seasonal greeting to send to his friends and family. The lithograph edition of 1,000 depicted a scene of a merry family drinking at the dinner table. Only 20 of the original postcards were thought to have survived and the original proof was auctioned in 2005 for 16,000 according to USA Today. It’s considered the world’s first known Christmas card.

Christmas Card Day, National Pastry Day - Odd Loves Company

Gift wrap ideas

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December 6, 2012: Happy St. Nicholas Day! Did you know one Dutch tradition is to fill the shoes by the fire place with salty black licorice?

12/4/2012 Santa List Day: Today is the day Santa Claus finalizes the list of Good and Bad kids, and all of the candidates have been thoroughly vetted.Now, allow me to share a little-known Christmas hack… there are 21 days before the naughty and nice review process begins again on December 26th. This gives you three weeks where your actions are virtually consequence-free.! But, let’s keep this between grown-ups, shall we?

Santa List Day, Brown Shoe Day,Dice Day,National Cookie Day

Nothing gets us more in the mood for the holiday season than twinkle lights on houses and the sound of brostep and dubstep filling the frosty air with their “BWAMP-BWAMP-BWAMP” bass sounds. In the time honored Christmas tradition, the Cadgers, specifically a 17-year-old AV prodigy and his or her dad, have festooned their house and yard in Meridian, Ohio, with what appear to be miles of lights (35,000 bulbs in total) and are flooding their neighborhood with Christmas spirit.

Jingle Bells to ewe...

Thanksgiving is one week from today!  Click for a few Thanksgiving tips….

Apple, Brie, & Honey Bruschetta Great App for Thanksgiving!

Fall Decor! Love the mason jars filled with candy corn and tea light. Bet it smells yummy!

Put tissue paper in a mason jar, then a flameless candle (battery operated) and put lid on. Line your sidewalk or put on tables for an outdoor party.