lemon and rosemary chicken bake

Lemon and Rosemary Chicken (Pollo Arrosto)

lemon and rosemary chicken bake Ingredients (serves – 8 chicken legs – 1 lemon – 1 pound g) potatoes – 10 cloves garlic – 4 tablespoons olive oil – fresh rosemary – coarse salt & pepper – glass of dry white wine Put chicken legs into a roasting di

The Bojon Gourmet: Smoky Brussels Sprout Pizza with Lemon + Chile {Gluten-Free}

smoky brussels sprout pizza with lemon + chile {gluten-free} A thin crust supports a gooey topping of crisp-tender brussels sprouts, smoky mozzarella, creamy goat cheese, and bright lemon. Gluten-free pizza at its best.

Homemade cherry ripe bites - 5 ingredinets, no added sugar

Homemade Cherry Ripe Bites with No Added Sugar

Homemade Cherry Ripe Bites with No Added Sugar from Wholesome Cook. These vibrant, delicious little treats are a healthy, all natural, refined sugar-free spin on the classic candy bar.

Pickled Broccoli Stems by Martha Rose Shulman

Pickled Broccoli Stems

Pickled Broccoli Stems Recipe - Kids and adults love these crunchy, garlicky pickles. One of my signature dishes, these are always on my coffee table for dinner guests to snack -- NYT Cooking

Potato Peel Chips! Just in time for Thanksgiving!

Cleaned and dried Potato Peels 4 Tbsp. Olive Oil S&P to taste A pinch of Thyme. bake at 375 @ 15 mins.



Cauliflower Crust Pizza

Caulifower Crust Pizza ~~~ I'm not a huge fan of cauliflower but I'm gonna try this recipe because my BF likes to eat low-carb meals. I bet he'd love this!

frozen yogurt strawberries

Frozen Yogurt Covered Strawberries

Yogurt-Dipped Frozen Strawberries “Dip strawberries in yogurt, freeze and you get this amazing snack.” May need to repeat dipping in vanilla greek yogurt to get a good coating. Great idea for after workout snack!