Fall Leaves Craft Ideas by carrie

Celebrate fall with these 10 fun DIY projects with leaves, either real ones from your yard or faux ones from a craft store or dollar store. Try These 10 Fun DIY Projects With Leaves via

tut: how to add bookmarklet to ipad/iphone for pinterest

Tut: Pinterest Pin It Using iPod/iPad/iPhone

How to add Pin It to iPad? Open bookmark bar, rename a bookmark on bookmark bar to Pin It, delete address, copy and paste the java link (address). It works! Link to copy at scrap it site. She tells you how to copy it.

INTENSE 5 Min Home Abs Workout - MIKE vs. SHANNON!

We've all got 5 minutes. Get it done before you eat breakfast. The kids like to join in on this one too.

my first paper flower bouquet.

my first paper flower bouquet.


Little Ballerina cute girl pink sweet ballerina baby dance ballet toddler tutu

Put a glow stick in a balloon for lanterns.

If I had a pool I would totally try this out. Put a glow stick in a balloon for pool lanterns. Pool party on a Summer night! I think this could work pinned up on the fence of a backyard without a pool, too, so really great idea for any outdoor BBQ/party!

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