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水中で結婚式!?ウェディングドレスを着た女性を水中で撮影した写真作品 | ARTIST DATABASE



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まるで人魚になったみたい..。“海まで徒歩0分”の美しすぎるリゾートホテル7選 | by.S


Gold Preferably,Rings Yellow,Yellow Gold,3 Ct,Friend,Girls,Future Wedding,Engagement Rings

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かなの 奏

Intuitive sources say Angel Aura Quartz helps bring one into the higher realms in meditation, facilitating conscious contact with angels, spirit guides and inner realm teachers. It is said to assist one in communing with Angels, accessing the Akashic records, channeling higher knowledge, remembering past lives and gaining insight into one's spiritual mission in this lifetime.

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