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12 Quick & Healthy Baby Food Recipes

Become the Julia Child of baby food purees! 12, quick and healthy recipes.

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I could hardly wait for Emma to begin her culinary exploration! Once she turned 6 month old, I consulted with our pediatrician and got the green light to start her on solids. But, like her brother Charlie, she had little interest in the bland, boring flavors of rice cereal and oatmeal. Let the love affair

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Tons of baby food recipes (combo ideas I wouldn't think of on my own) organized by stage. Also has a great list of common foods (for babies and adults) and what nutrients each food provides.

Healthy Foods That Babies Like Most Infographic | Parenting Patch

Healthy Foods That Babies Like Most Infographic with Baby Food Recipes

Healthy Foods That Babies Like Most Infographic | Parenting Patch

How to Make Homemade Pedialyte: 3 Recipes and Ingredients

DIY Homemade Pedialyte. This is what I drink when I'm sick but never have any on hand. Maybe I shall make some...

Homemade yogurt melts. Healthier, cheaper, and just as easy as getting the Gerber kind! DIY Yogurt Melts.

Stop wasting your money on baby cereal from the grocery store when it's SO easy to make your own - only 2 ingredients for this recipe!

Slow-Cooker Baby Food

A slow cooker is a busy parent's best friend. These tasty baby food recipes, all of which freeze beautifully, are so simple they almost cook themselves! With just a few minutes of prep in the morning, healthy meals can be ready for baby in time for lunch or dinner.

Home made, all natural baby food. 1 months worth of food for less than $10.

The Constipation Post. Here are 7 snack ideas to help your baby if he is constipated.