The Help was on the NY Bests Seller list. I was on a field trip and asked two ladies how they were enjoying the book. Both were positive, and one closed her book and gave it to me. She had just finished reading it. I inscribed the book for anyone who finds it to read it and leave it for someone else to share!

The Help

The Help by Kathryn Stockett. I've read this book way before it became a wonderful movie, so I was excited to finally watch it in cinema when it was in theaters. Love the book as well as the movie.

The way to a woman's heart.

Funny pictures about The way to a woman's heart. Oh, and cool pics about The way to a woman's heart. Also, The way to a woman's heart.

Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood

Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood by Rebecca Wells. Siddalee Walker must repair her relationship with her mother Vivi by learning the "Divine Secrets" of Vivi's lifelong circle of friends, the Ya-Ya Sisterhood.

Good Reads: Spring Reading List The Language of Flowers- Vanessa Diffenbaugh

Good Reads: Spring Reading List

The Victorian language of flowers was used to convey romantic expressions: honeysuckle for devotion, asters for patience, and red roses for love. But for Victoria Jones, it’s been more useful in communicating mistrust and solitude.

The Poisonwood Bible

The Poisonwood Bible- by Barbara Kingsolver ("The Poisonwood Bible" is a story told by the wife and four daughters of Nathan Price, a fierce, evangelical Baptist who takes his family and mission to the Belgian Congo in

must read

The Red Tent - Anita Diamant; I would love to read this book again as it has been a long time & I remember it being such a great book. I found this paperback on Venice Beach during a difficult time in my life.

Made into a tv series, but the book's better--surprise!

The Thornbirds by Colleen McCullough - My all time favorite book.

Cold Mountain

Cold Mountain, by Charles Frazier. A soldier's journey from the Battle of Petersburg to Cold Mountain NC. Fantastic description of characters, culture, cruelty and geography.