dark ombre. Love...thats it im growing my hair out!

pretty hairstyle The Most Anticipated Hair Style Trends For 2013 hair color black hair with brown ombre look All Things Pretty

Wanttt :)

I love this red and blonde hair combo!it's official when i dye my hair back blonde i am getting bright red peak a boo highlights in it! I don't want that much in my hair but maybe the underneath part

love the color...icy nutmeg

I love her hair and makeup. And I just loooovvee the Olsens.

Love her hair!!

voluminous hair tutorial

Very pretty long hairstyle and color love! Very pretty long hairstyle and color love! was last modified: January 2013 by thebeautythesis

love her hair

Cute messy bun Floral pins and braids updo braid Braided Bun Fishtail braid

Long hair styles Best hairstyles 2013 women love her hair color


Long dark hair ♥ My life long hair goal

black and red

Red and black ombre hair. Ombre styles like this can be as vibrant as you want, with the benefit of being easy to maintain.


Girls looks more attractive in Side Ponytail Hairstyles. Ask any girl and she will tell that she is at her most comfortable when her hair is pulled back in a simple yet smooth ponytail.


beach hair and bracelets

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Hello next hair do!

I love the blonde around the face. the red is a little dark for my liking, I'd do alot more blonde with chucks of red. beautiful though!

blonde on top red underneath | Awesome long straight hair with blonde on top and red underneath, when ...:

I like this idea.but dark brown instead of blonde and bright red underneath.or purple!

deep mahogany with blonde side bang. soooo pretty!

dark red hair, blonde streak Not sure about the color combo, but I like the idea

Fishtail-Seashell Bun @ The Beauty ThesisThe Beauty Thesis

Fishtail-Seashell Bun

The French Fishtail Seashell Braid! I can french braid my own hair and i can fishtail.but i certainly cannot fishtail my own hair!

Looooooove her hair colors

love this hair color combo and piercing

Learn to DIY a hair bow #diy #hair

Five interesting DIY hair bow tutorials. Find out how to make bow out of your hair. Make bow in your hair as hair bow bun, or together with brad,fishtail.

My hair now does this without the flatiron! - Waves in 15 minutes! Section hair into big sections then braid each in a loose braid. Run a flatiron over each braid, let them cool down, spray hairspray and undo the braids.

Blonde and red shadow box

love this. i might do this with the blonde a little longer in the back but i want the red underneath. + change blonde to dark brown and the red to vampire red.

ok, so i hate the whole ombre trend, it just looks like someone got lazy and didn't keep up with their hair color.  BUT thanks to my sister-in-law i found that i actually like the red ombre...

Favorite Things Friday

This red ombre is actually beautiful for dark haired girls! I'm usually quite anti dying my hair and have never tried red but this looks amazing! I want! I want my long hair back! I would so do this!

Seems easy enough

How To Get Summer's 27 Best Hairstyles

hair do up do: how to do the ponytail into a hidden rolled pony tail and added bun