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Author of Agatha-nominated short stories & mysteries. http://kayegeorge.com/

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Mystery 'hobbits' not humans like us, study finds

From left, models representing a Homo floresiensis, a Homo Sapiens and a Neanderthal

Four Species of Homo You’ve Never Heard Of An artist's reconstruction of Homo georgicus. Image courtesy of Wikicommons While I was doing some research this week, I came across a hominid species I hadn’t heard of before: Homo helmei. The name was first given to a 259,000-year-old partial skull found in Florisbad, South Africa in 1932. The skull resembled early Homo sapiens but possessed many archaic features.

Ancient humans just couldn't stop having sex with Neanderthals

Ancient humans just couldn't stop having sex with Neanderthals. Interesting read on interbreeding with the Neanderthal.

"Neanderthal relative skulls unearthed in Spain throw light on human evolution" -- Click-through article explains the theory of cladogenesis in relation to the 17 skulls and up to 30 individuals found at Sima de los Huesos (Pit of the Bones) in the Atapuerca hill in northern Spain. Photo: Zagros Paleolithic Museum

Neanderthals 'used glue to make tools' -- From 2002, "According to archaeologists in Germany, Neanderthals burned birch over fires to make a tarry adhesive... The [research] team writes in the European Journal of Archaeology: 'The Neanderthals must have possessed a high degree of technical and manual abilities, comparable to those of modern Homo sapiens.' "

Tiny Bone Reveals Shocking Truth About Neanderthal Sex


Humans were able to talk 300,000 years ago, new research has shown. Pre-Neanderthals who lived in northern Spain could utter basic vowel sounds. The findings are based on studies of a complete skull found in the Sima de los Huesos (Pit of Bones) in Atapuerca in 1992 among the remains of over thirty other people. The now famous skull, Atapuerca 5, belongs to a member of the species Homo heidelbergensis, which was the last common ancestor of the Neanderthals and today's humans.