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Bringer of Chaos - Pietas

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Pietas ap Lorectic is the king of the immortal Sempervians. He's known by many names, most notably Bringer of Chaos. He has "an angel's face, a god's body, and a demon's soul." Yet there is something about him that draws one close. Perhaps it's his broken heart... #ChaosIsComing

How to Make a Leather Wrap Wallet

A rustic wallet. Pietas would probably have used something like this on Sempervia | How to Make a Leather Wrap Wallet | eHow

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"I have a name; not a number" #scifi Bringer of Chaos

Sterling Silver Dragon Ring Made to order Moldavite Labradorite Moonstone Larimar

These are the colors Pietas prefers - silver and teal. Sterling Silver Dragon Ring by MercuriousDesigns

Illyrian Dragon Ring

Pietas would love this Illyrian Dragon Ring. Military dragon theme - perfect.

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Polymer Clay Dragon Dice Holder- Pearl Teal, Pearl Peacock, and Pearl White: Pequod

Pietas is the gamemaster in a roleplaying game. This would fit him! Dragon Dice Holder Pearl Teal Pearl by Emizart

atamajakki: Dragon busts from Pathfinder: Dragons Revisited. Metallics are on the left, Chromatics are on the right.

Pietas had a family reunion in 2046. Wonder what that was like! (Shirt from The words "ap Lorectic" are in gray over the year. It's his family's surname, and is Welsh.