Dance Recital Idea

Same side Dutch braid. I never knew it was called a dutch braid until now. Always called it an inside out french braid, or a princess braid, as I would tell my kids. I taught myself how to do this on my kids!

lovely red and blonde this

Who is Kelly Brianne Clarkson ? The music world knows her as Kelly Clarkson, she is an American singer-songwriter and occasional actress.

A simple ponytail with roses - perfect for flower girls or other formal occasions!

buzz style black man hairstyle pictures black hairstyles for men - s woman with long blonde hairstyles photo - hot prom hairstyles for - Flower girl updo hairstyles with rose


Tinker Bell has to be one of the most-beloved Disney Characters in my household! CGH particularly loves Tinker Bell, and we have collected all of her movies

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Rainbow Tutu--I need to learn how to make these for baby gifts or something! I love them!!!!!

Colorful Rainbow Birthday Tutu...Rainbow Clown Tutu, Rainbow Dash Tutu...Rainbow Fairy Tutu . . . PIXIE CANDY RAINBOW

Bright Colorful Rainbow Tutu Skirt larger chunks of colors shorter in front, longer in back to dress it up?

Hey, I found this really awesome Etsy listing at

Flapper Satin Wedding CapStunning Detail by Naturekins

Layered patriotic tutu dress made by me!

Layered tutu dress - Love this idea! The layers are cute!