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BeoRemote- 스크린샷

Control your Bang & Olufsen TV from your smartphone

Sony Huis Remote Control  Universal remote with e-ink screen

Sony might be spinning off everything but its movie, camera, and PlayStation businesses, but that doesn't mean it's run out of ideas. The Sony Huis Remote Control was dreamed up by six Sony engineers in their and is the.

Yatse Remote App

Yatse Remote App

Remote App - AC by Prathmesh

This app can connect all devices and home appliances such as TV, AC, Music Player etc. Due to this app, you don't need remotes for each appliance.


30 Fresh Examples of Mobile Apps with Circular Vibe - 2

Universal Smart Remote Ezzi TV - 螢幕擷取畫面

Shop Hisense 49 - Inch Widescreen Smart LED TV with Freeview HD.

Dribbble - Thermostat-App-Full.png by Daniel Bruce

Conversation View by Patrick Dribbble - Thermostat-App-Full.png by Daniel Bruce UI