Would you prefer to be thrown off the port side or the starboard side. Our boat is very, very small.

Heartfelt Quotes: Make sure EVERYBODY in your boat is rowing, and not drilling holes when you're not looking. KNOW YOUR CIRCLE.



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Phil 4:11 - Having a contented spirit is a must when walking with the Lord, it helps u get through the good & hard times

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you don't have to question

Indigo Child @r.h.sin #rhsinInstagram photo | Websta


"Hey little fighter, soon things will be brighter." (:(: Don't give up, there is always a light at the end.(:

Don't worry, be happy (36 photos)


hahaha...so true

An e-card blast


Hey, I found this really awesome Etsy listing at https://www.etsy.com/listing/163626990/large-wood-sign-to-hear-the-laughter-of

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Love Sign Shabby Chic Sign Distressed wood by ShabbyAbbysAttic

Love Sign, Shabby Chic Sign, Distressed wood Sign, A Perfect Marriage Sign


When you meet someone and they look perfect but you still get that shaddy vibe, trust your instincts, they are almost always correct!

The Good Vibe - Inspirational Picture Quotes


Ill remember this one!

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a person who feels appreciated will always do more that what is expected

ExtraMadness - Inspirational Picture Quotes


Both people have to want it the same, and give it the same effort and that's a good relationship.

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Philippians 4:6 & 7 ~ Do not be anxious about anything; but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God. And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.

A Prayer for When You Feel Worried - RachelWojo.com


Frustration is when you unselfishly do nice things for people who respond by stabbing you in the back when you defend yourself, you're the bad one.

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*** EPHESIANS 3:20 ( KJV ) *** *** Now unto him that is able to do exceeding .... abundantly....... *** above all that we ask or think,..... *** according to the power that worketh in us.

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Could not have put in better words!!!!

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If the words don't add up, its usually because the truth wasn't included in the equation.

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25 Signs He's Cheating On You - this is on my scary board because the things listed ARE NORMAL THINGS GUYS DO and it scares me people believe this ****!

26 Signs He's Cheating On You


This happens too much! And then they want you back and you're like "Why? So you can treat me like shit again?"

20 Little Ways to Love Your Life & Home


Dear Jesus, Please bless the person reading this right now, Watch over them and protect them today. And, show them peace and love. May you walk beside them and guide their steps. Amen.

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This is me

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True story!

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Kayla Clemons

So true.. Let them miss you sometimes when your always available they take you for granted because they think you will always stay. http://www.UpliftingChicago.com

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Mental Illness Quotes and Sayings | 50 Mental Health Quotes that Inspire (#1) | Bipolar Bandit

50 Mental Health Quotes that Inspire (#1)


Nobody understands me # Pinterest++ for iPad #

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