How to paint letters perfectly! This is genius. I needed this a month ago!!

How to Paint perfect letters:on Wood! Print out letters and put on the object to be painted. Use a ballpoint pen to trace outline of letters (pressure of the pen creates a slight indent in the wood). Paint inside the indent!

paint a canvas the colors you choose.put the sticker letters where you want.paint it all black, and then peel the stickers off.

Quote Boards: paint a canvas the colors of your choice. place sticker letters where you want. paint all black. peel stickers off. Would be cute with sorority letters and use a sisterhood quote

Blow up a balloon, glue buttons to it, let dry. Then pop the balloon. Easy and cute bowl! cute!

Blow up a balloon, glue buttons to it, let dry. Then pop the balloon. Easy and cute bowl! Easy DIY craft idea - cute little home decor bowl or gift bowl.

Cut Up an Old T-Shirt Into a Tie-Front Tank? I've been looking for ways to give new life to the shirts I don't really wear... This and other tankop conversions should stretch them another year or two :3

31 Insanely Easy And Clever DIY Projects

Cut Up an Old T-Shirt Into a Tie-Front Tank (website has 31 easy DIY project ideas). I can see cutting up the side for a side tie.

This guide is about making a candy bouquet. A fun gift to create for a special candy lover.

Making a Candy Bouquet

DIY candy bouquet in a candy box vase! A fun gift to create for a special candy lover for a birthday, graduation, Christmas, etc. Perfect for my little!

Free Printable Letters!  These are 5x7 and so cute!  Who doesn't love FREE?

Free Printable Alphabet Baby!! So Fun

gumball machine. so cute!

Gumball Machine Halloween Costume

So cute! Funny and easy gum ball machine costume. // Glue pom poms to a top for a gumball machine costume.

diy glitter votives.

glitter and polka dots! is it socially acceptable to do my front door in giant gold glitter polka dots? Glitter Votives / 40 DIY Home Decor Ideas That Aren't Just For Christmas

*Rhinestoned Chevron Letter! - Great way to add that extra touch of sparkle - Love it!

Rhinestoned Chevron Letter

rhinestoned chevron letter HAVE TO DO! My two favorite things, chevron and rhinestones!

DIY Stained Glass Candle Holders using MOD PODGE

DIY "Stained Glass" candle holder using modge podge & tissue paper. Easy craft that can be a cute gift or decor item!

DIY String Art-jenloveskev

Diy Crafts Do-it-Yourself string wall art! Never thought of doing it straight on the wall, Diy, Diy & Crafts, Top Diy

DIY Glam Picture Frame

Co worker gift ideas DIY Glamorous Picture Frame with glass gems from the dollar tree store. Christmas or mother's day gifts from the cub scout!

shoe box lids, scrapbook paper, modge podge, letters, ribbon, and a curtain rod.....change out what it says with seasons

Family Wall Hanging

Would never guess that this is made out of the lids of a shoe box, they look so cute. shoe box lids + scrapbook paper + modge podge + letters + ribbon + a curtain rod = wall love. So many rooms. So many options.

[DIY] - the large collecting _ heap sugar picture album

So pretty! Make a cherry blossom tree painting with a 2 liter bottle. Any girl would love this in her room!

Hand dotted tumblers. Easy and cute gift for the kids to make.

- great idea to make personal glasses or gifts,and these would be so cute in red, white, and blue. Hand dotted tumblers: Dot base of glasses with Q-Tip in paint. Flip to dry. Bake in 350 degree oven for 30 min.

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